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    Faculty of Human Sciences

    Award ceremony 2017

    for Ms. Dr. Andrea Beinicke (communication studies)

    Award ceremony 2016

    for Ms. Dr. Andrea Beinicke (subject psychology)

    Award ceremony 2015

    for Ms. Dr. phil. Michaela Vogt (subject primary school pedagogic and didactics)

    Award ceremony 2014

    for Ms. Dr. phil. Barbara Schwerdtle (subject Psychology)

    Award ceremony 2013

    for Ms. Dr. phil. Manuela Scheuermann (subject Political Sciences)

    Award ceremony 2012

    for Ms. Dr. Katja Likowski (subject Psychology)

    Award ceremony 2011

    for Ms. Dr. Katharina Diergarten (subject Psychology)

    Award ceremony 2010

    for Ms. Dr. phil. Petra Markel (subject Psychology)

    Award ceremony 2009

    for Ms. Dr. phil. Dagmar Fügmann (subject: History of Religion)

    Award ceremony 2008

    for Ms. Dr. phil. Patricia Grygier (subject: Schol Pedagogics/ Primary School Education)

    Award ceremony 2007

    for Ms. Dr. phil. Andrea Reimherr (subject: Philosophy)

    Award ceremony 2006

    for Ms. Dr. phil. Christina Schwenck (subject: Psychology)


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