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    Faculty of Human Sciences


    The organization of the utilization of the Pell grants at the Faculty of Human Sciences

    Referring to the number of students, the Faculty of Human Sciences is the second largest faculty of the University of Wuerzburg. The amount of Pell grants available is correspondingly high. 65% of those go to the Faculty: a total of 1,927,127 € has been entrusted to the Faculty of Philosophy II in the winter semester of 2011/2012 as well as in the summer semester of 2012.

    The Dean of Studies distributes the funds between nine sections: the eight departments of the Faculty, as well as a central stake, which is administrated by the Dean of Studies.

    The proper usage of the Pell grants is guaranteed by a faculty commission, which is based on a central charter of tuition fees of the University and which consists on equal terms of four students and four professors. This commission has developed criteria of content for their work and decides about the usage. These resolutions are submitted to the faculty council; in case of any question the commission deliberates again. Each summer semester a new round of proposals takes place; the date of submission of proposals by the departments is always May 15th. The proposals always concern the following academic year, i.e. the following winter and summer semester. Optionally, proposals concerning two academic years can be submitted. During the winter semester of each year there is the possibility to submit proposals for rededication of funds already requested, which are not or not completely exhausted for different reasons. For those proposals the date of submission is November 15th of the respective year. 

    The departments do have commissions with equal representation as well, which represent a consultative body and which develop concrete proposals for their respective department.   

    Crucial steps...

    ... of the procedure within the faculty, beginning with the submission of the proposal and ending with the call and usage of the funds, are the following:

    • ideas and suggestions for the utilization of the Pell grants

    • counseling and voting within the equally represented commissions of the departments

    • the Managing Director of the respective department submits the request at the Dean of Studies

    • the Dean of Studies conducts a formal review of the requests

    • counseling and resolution of the faculty commission

    • presentation and counseling within the faculty council, in case of question new counseling within the commission

    • the Dean of Studies informs the departments about the approval

    • the professors submit a request for utilization of the funds (in case of a post-request via the managing director) at the Dean of Studies

    • processing of the funds via the Dean of Studies