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    Studying Special Education at the University of Wuerzburg

    Disabilities, impairments, disadvantages, and disorders affect many people of different age groups in our society. The branches of Special and Curative Education engage in questions of education, training and attendance in case of a disability. Here, manifold working and employment opportunities exist, as well as fields of research: from early intervention programs to school support and help, an introduction to work and career, attendance of adults with disabilities, as well as questions and problems of disabilities in an advanced age. Many people contribute their social commitment in these diverse fields of work which offer very interesting career opportunities within a very wide spectrum.

    The branch of Special Education in Wuerzburg has been founded in the 1970s. Since the year 2000, it is organized in its own department of Special Education which is very well developed by now. It consists of five smaller departments:

    • Education for people with learning difficulties (L)
    • Education for people with a physical disability (K)
    • Education and Speech therapy (S)
    • Education for people with a mental handicap(G)
    • Education for people with a behavioral disorder (V)

    In this department, 7 programs are offered: five teaching degrees in Special Education as well as two degrees that have no bearing in school (major with 85 ECTS as well  minor with 60 ECTS). A Master degree program is planned to start in 2012/13.

    Further information on offers and activities of the department of Special Education can be found on the Homepage.

    The Academic advisers can be contacted anytime: Dr. Edwin Ullmann (for the disciplines L, S, V) as well as Dr. Volker Daut (for the disciplines K, G).

    But of course all other lecturers of the department are available for any kind of questions.


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