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    Faculty of Human Sciences

    Beatrice Edgell-Award

    The Faculty of Human Sciences awards the Beatrice-Edgell-Prize since 2006. In memory of a pioneer of the women's emancipation, this prize, awarded at the University of Wuerzburg, honours every year a young female researcher of the faculty who graduated summa cum laude. It is endowed with 1000 €.

    The selection of the candidates takes place, on the basis of a recomendadtion of the Women's Representative (herself and two representatives), by the Faculty Board. In the future, this task should be assumed by the Equal Opportunities Commission of the Faculty of Human Sciences (Equal Opportunities Commission).

    Further information on the Beatrice-Edgell-Award of the Faculty of Human Sciences can be found here  


    [Translate to Englisch:] 1) Scientific qualifications - to be proven by:

    • Ph.D (or Dr.) with at least 'summa cum laude'
    • publications (peer reviewed)
    • other publications
    • presentations
    • conference contributions

    2) Proven anchoring at the faculty:

    • Consideration of the academic CV

    3) Submission of documents:

    • cover letter
    • CV
    • letter of motivation ( Why should the commission pick YOU for the award? 2 pages max.)
    • documents proving 1)
    • documents proving 2)

    Ad 1) listed in tables

    Ad 2) Short abstract of the previous research performance (1 page) and the future development (1 page)