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    Start-up financing

    Start-up financing provided by the HDC (AsF)

    As stated in the HDC Statute:

    IV: Start-up Financing (AsF)

         serves the facilitation and patronization of applicants with external funding sources 

            The assessment takes place in accordance with the following criteria:

    ·         originality of the research project,

    ·         anticipated impact of the research project,

    ·         visible potential of the application for external funding,

    ·         preparatory work of the applicant,

    ·         feasibility of the project,

    ·         reasonable expense budgeting

            the project should be interdisciplinarily oriented and should, as a rule, include two institutes of the faculty or show a clear interdisciplinary cooperation 



    Who can apply?

    every full-time professor of the Faculty of Human Sciences



    When can one apply?

    The applications have to be submitted by the 1st of April of any year for the HDC board-meeting for the summer semester and by the 1st of October of any year for the HDC board-meeting for the winter semester.



    How much can be requested?

    Normally, a total of up to 4 fundings are awarded per calendar year, with a total volume of up to 15.000 €. When specific reasons are given, the period of funding can be prolonged for the purpose of submitting an application.



    What can be requested?

    As a rule, costs that arise during the process of applying are funded, such as research assistants or resources for other assistants.



    What has to be on hand?

    An outline proposal enclosing information on:

    ·                         the applicant

    ·                         possible beneficiaries, associates

    ·                         a description of the research project

    ·                         cooperation partners

    ·                         the required amount of AsF-funding, including a finance plan

    ·                         the application volume (external funds)

    ·                         a time schedule

    ·                         the recipient of the application

    Topics are free within the context of the HDC, applications on the current topic area are favored. 



    How will the resolution be made?

    The application for the AsF is submitted to the chief executive of the HDC.

    The matching with the criteria is ascertained with the executive board.

    In conclusion, the application is forwarded to the HDC management board in order to pass a resolution.



    What are further steps?

    Within 2 months after the termination of the AsF, a certificate that an application has taken place has to be submitted to the HDC.




    The eligibility conditions for the AsF can be found on the homepage.

    Sponsored AsF-projects will be listed on the homepage of the HDC including the title, topic and associates.