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    As an institution of human science, the Institute for Psychology adheres to a scientific approach to research. It has a long tradition of experimentally and empirically illuminating human behavior and experience. This approach characterizes both its research and its teaching, which includes basic subjects such as cognitive psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, biological psychology and diagnostic psychology as well as an in-depth education in experimental and empirical research methodology and basic neuroanatomy and physiology. The applied subjects represented at the Institute are clinical psychology, educational psychology, and work and organizational psychology. The Institute's current research focuses are emotions as determinants of normal and pathological behavior, the cognitive basis of behavioral control, the development of cognition and metacognition, neurofeedback, risky behavior, traffic psychology and media psychology. The important role of psychology as the intersection of sciences with bearing on human behavior is underlined by close cooperation with workgroups from biology, medicine, sociology, education and media resarch as well as active participation in the work at the Human Dynamics Center. The extent of Würzburg psychology's network is evidenced by both national and international cooperative ventures.

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