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Faculty of Human Sciences

Beatrice Edgell Award

Since 2006, the Faculty of Human Sciences has been giving out the Beatrice Edgell Award for outstanding doctoral theses written by women. The award comes with a cash prize of €1,000.

It is designed to encourage women to pursue a career in research, advance the careers of female early career researchers and increase their chances of securing research funding, fellowships or junior professorships.


In 1901, British psychologist Beatrice Edgell was the first woman to obtain a doctorate from the University of Würzburg. Her doctoral thesis titled ‘Die Grenzen des Experiments als einer psychologischen Methode’ (‘The Limitations of Experiment as a Psychological Method’) was supervised by Oswald Külpe, a pioneer in the field of experimental psychology. After her return to the UK, Beatrice Edgell embarked on a remarkable academic career at the renowned Bedford College, now part of Royal Holloway, at the University of London.

Beatrice Edgell became the first female professor of psychology in the UK (in 1927) and the first female president of various renowned societies and professional bodies for psychologists in the UK, e.g. of the British Psychological Society (in 1930) and the Aristotelian Society (in 1927).

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1) Academic qualification - eligibility requirements:

  • Doctorate earned ‘magna cum laude’ or ‘summa cum laude’; regarding the grade, the conventions of the relevant disciplines will be taken into account
  • Peer-reviewed publications
  • Other publications
  • Talks
  • Conference contributions

2) Proven anchoring at the Faculty:

  • To be eligible for the award, candidates must have completed their doctorate at the Faculty of Human Sciences.
  • The candidates’ career and development prospects at the Faculty of Human Sciences will be taken into account when an award decision is made.

3) Applications package requirements:

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Letter of motivation - why are YOU the best choice for the award? (2 pages max.)
  • Supporting documents for 1)
  • Supporting documents for 2)

Re 1) Please attach a list.

Re 2) Please attach a summary of your research accomplishments to date (1 page) and your potential for further achievement (1 page).


Dr. Jennifer Tiede

A researcher at the Institute of Pedagogy who received her doctorate with distinction was chosen for the 2021 Beatrice Edgell Award: Dr. Jennifer Tiede received the award for her doctoral thesis titled ‘Media-related Educational Competencies of German and US Preservice Teachers. A Comparative Analysis of Models, Measurements and Practices of Advancement’. Prof. Grafe, holder of the Chair of School Pedagogy, supervised her thesis.

Dr. Jennifer Tiede has an impressive track record of publications and international research accomplishments. An example that women can overcome obstacles and be successful in family AND career in research, she is a deserved winner of the Beatrice Edgell Award.

Year Awardee    
2021 Dr. Jennifer Tiede (School Pedagogy)    
2020 Dr. Isabelle Vilsmeier (Media Psychology)    
2019 Dr. Wienke Wannagat (Psychology)    
2018 Dr. Diana Löffler (Psychological Ergonomics)    
2017 Dr. Christiana Schallhorn (Communication Studies)    
2016 Dr. Andrea Beinicke (Psychology)    
2015 Dr. Michaela Vogt (School Pedagogy/Primary Education)    
2014 Dr. Barbara Schwerdtle (Psychology)    
2013 Dr. Manuela Scheuermann (Political Science)    
2012 Dr. Katja Likowski (Psychology)    
2011 Dr. Katharina Diergarten (Psychology)    
2010 Dr. Petra Markel (Psychology)    
2009 Dr. Dagmar Fügmann (History of Religion)    
2008 Dr. Patricia Grygier (School Pedagogy/Primary Education)    
2007 Dr. Andrea Reimherr (Philosophy)    
2006 Dr. Christina Schwenck (Psychology)    
Year Awardee