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Faculty of Human Sciences

KOMPASS - tutoring/ mentoring program

KOMPASS tutoring and mentoring program

The aim of the KOMPASS tutoring and mentoring program at the Julius-Maximilians-University of Wuerzburg is the formulation and support of meassures to improve the quality of tutoring and mentoring work in the single disciplines, as well as to implement new programs, which serve to support students at the beginning of their studies.

The students, who are active in teaching as tutors and mentors, have to complete a thorough training program in the future. The quality and sustainability of the tutoring program is ensured by a steady training and further education of the tutors and mentors and their efficient supervision by the trained and qualified coordinators of the program.

The basic training programs for tutors are held again at the Faculty of Human Sciences, as part of the KOMPASS tutor and mentoring program. They are not only open to those who are promoted by the BMBF, but also to all the other students who work as tutors at the faculty, after prior registration.

For the one-day training sessions there are always two dates determined just the week before courses.

During the training sessions, basic teaching knowledge and skills to guide a group of learners will be developed on the basis of several practical exercises. Topics of the basic training programs will be, among others, definition of roles, communication and feedback, planning of tutorials, activating methods in a teaching situation, as well as dealing with a critical or trying situation. The basic training session is part of the contract of KOMPASS tutors and will therefore be completely compensated.

Further details on the process of registration will be announced by email to the tutors in advance. All other tutors are naturally cordially invited, as well! If you are interested in participating, you can register by writing a short email to kompass.hw@uni-wuerzburg.de

If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact:


1. Advanced training by KIS – contact and service center for students with disability and chronic condition.
How do I handle the following topics as a tutor or mentor:
• Studying with a disability
• Mental problems among students
• Compensation of disadvantages
Lecturer: Sandra Ohlenforst

2. Advanced training for intercultural sensitization: Cross Cultural Training
Lecturer: Maria Luisa Mariscal-Melgar, Ulrike Rapp-Galmiche