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    Research Training Group RTG 1253/2 (Emotions)

    Springschool 2014, March 31 - April 02, 2014, conference site Schloss Zeilitzheim


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    Planning your trip


    Planning your trip

    There is the possibility for a transfer with the bus on Monday morning.


    Tagungsstätte Schloss Zeilitzheim - the conference site


    Information for Students

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    Andrew HarkinGuest speakers

    Hermona Soreq, Ph.D., Detp. of Biological Chemistry, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

    Joseph Dunsmoor, Ph.D., Dept. of Psychology, New York University, USA

    Andrew Harkin, Ph.D., Inst. of Neuroscience, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

    Prof. Michèle Wessa, Dept. of Clinical Psychology & Neuropsychology, Joh.Gutenberg University, Mainz

    Prof. Reiner Schwarting, Dept. of Behavioral Neuroscience, Philipps University, Marburg

    Prof. Elena Ungeheuer, Inst. for Music Research, Julius-Maximilians University, Würzburg





    Contact and further assistance:

    GRK 1253 - Emotions

    Roswitha Gerhard
    Lehrstuhl für Psychologie I
    Universität Würzburg
    97070 Würzburg    
    Phone: +49(0)931 31-82848
    Fax: +49 (0)931 31-82733
    Email: gk-emotions@uni-wuerzburg.de