Research Training Group RTG 1253/2 (Emotions)

    Jun Suk Kim

    Department of Philosophy II
    Institute of Philosophy, University of Würzburg
    Residenz (Südflügel)
    97070 Würzburg





    E-mailJun Suk Kim



    Title: Lifeworldly practice and normativity of emotion.

    Abstract: Inspired by Husserl's concept of the lifeworld and Wittgenstein's analysis of rule-following I try to explain how normativity is constituted in interaction. Because this takes place on the prescientific lifeworldly level, I hypothesize that emotion plays a decisive role in this process.

    Principal investigators:

    Karl Mertens

    Prof. Dr. K.H. Lembeck

    Prof. Dr. E. Wischmeyer

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    Previous studies:

    University Heidelberg (degree: Magister Artium)

    Master theses:

    The concept of passive synthesis in Husserl. A phenomenological study of the constitution of objectivity
    (Der Begriff der passiven Synthesis bei Husserl. Eine phänomenologische Untersuchung über die Konstitution der Objektivität)