Adult Education Academies

Adult Education Academy "Comparative Studies in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning" (ERASMUS+ Intensive Programme)

COMPALL offers a joint module in adult and lifelong learning that is integrated at COMPALL-partner universities into regular study programmes related to adult and lifelong learning. All students outside the partner universities are invited to join, too. Master’s and doctoral students are prepared annually from October until January at their home universities using online tutorials. In February, all participants meet for a two-week intensive programme at the Würzburg Adult Education Academy in Germany.

Each year, about 90 students from around the globe meet in Würzburg. Join us!

Watch our Video for further Information!

Adult Education Academy Video

Video: Regina Egetenmeyer

INTALL Adult Education Academy dates:

1.-12. February 2021 (plus travel days)

3.-14. February 2020 (plus travel days)

4. - 15. February 2019 (plus travel days)

COMPALL Adult Education Academy dates:

5. - 16. February 2018 (plus travel days)

6. - 17. February 2017 (plus travel days) 

3. - 12. February 2016 (plus travel days)