Joint Module

Joint Module in Comparative Studies in Adult Education and Lifelong Learning

The strategic partnership COMPALL is developing a joint module in “Comparative studies in adult and lifelong learning“, which will be offered in study programmes related to adult and lifelong learning. The joint module includes a preparatory phase (online and/or on-campus), and a two-week intensive phase at Campus Würzburg/Germany. There is also an opportunity for doctoral students and colleagues to publish their work. Furthermore, COMPALL is developing an online network for young graduates and researchers in adult and lifelong learning.

The COMPALL joint module starts each year with registration by the end of October. This is followed by on-campus preparation (by partner universities) or online-preparation (students outside the partner universities). Each participant submits a country report on a selected aspect of adult and lifelong learning by mid January. In February, all participants meet for a two-week intensive programme at the Würzburg Winter School. During the Winter School, international policies in adult and lifelong learning are discussed, field visits to adult and continuing education providers are arranged, and comparisons made between selected issues in the field of adult and lifelong learning.

The Joint Module COMPALL offers a personalized pathway which is targeted to the diversity of participants. It allows the individual adaption of the preparation phase to the needs of each participant.

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