Dataset: Comparative Research in ALE

    Dataset for Research and Development Communities on Comparative Research in Adult Learning and Education

    Organisation/Inst./Platform Set of Research/Analytical Work/Data Set of Research/Analytical Work/Data Access
    EAEA Country Studies http://www.eaea.org/media/policy-advocacy/adult-education-policy-in-europe-country-reports/country-reports_2015.pdf Based on template items outdated!
    ESREA Research upon networks' themes be put into comparison, RELA thematic collections, Peter LANG series on thematic publications http://www.esrea.org/?l=en ESREA networks' represented topics

    Education at glance

    CERI research papers


    PIAAC template

    Section C/6
    ISCAE Theoretical frames for comparative research http://iscae.org Two book compilations on comparative research methods
    ICAE Advocacy guides Part I-VI http://icae2.org/index.php/en/resources/46-advocacy-guides The right to Education and Lifelong Learning: Supporting materials for advocacy in the post-2015 process
    UNESCO UIL GRALE reporting analysis

    International review of education

    Comparisons on literacy, policy and governance, financing, participation and provision, quality
    UNESCO UIL – ALADIN database and library Collection of Lifelong Learning strategies http://uil.unesco.org/lifelong-learning/lifelong-learning-policy-analysis/collection-lifelong-learning-policies-and Policy
    DVV International International perspectives in Adult Education

    Adult Education and development

    Themes for comparison
    INFONET (closed) Countries,institutions,topics http://www.infonet-ae.eu No comparison
    EPALE Database and blog-entries, resources, events, news, glossary https://ec.europa.eu/epale/en Learner support, learning environment, life skills, policy, quality
    PASCAL Observatory News, blogs, events, library http://pascalobservatory.org/pascalnow  
    CEDEFOP VET in Europe, identifying skills needs

    Skills panorama

    cVET developments, skills missmatch, lifelong guidance, VPL

    Inspiring choices on skills and jobs in Europe
    Commission-based Surveys on Adult Learning and Education 2011-2013 Quality in the Adult Learning sector (Research voor Beleid)

    Financing Adult Learning and Education (FIBS/ Humboldt Uni zu Berlin)

    Opening HE to adults (DIE/ Humboldt Uni zu Berlin)

    Horizon 2020 research
    Compiled publication avaliable

    Compiled summary available

    Official summary NOT avalaible

    No results available yet on ed. and training of young adults
    2011-2013 period dataset

    EURYDICE – Country Descriptions Point 8. Adult Education and Traning https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/fpfis/mwikis/eurydice/index.php/Countries Institutions, funding, legistlation
    World Bank Country report – Adult Education in Russia https://openknowledge.worldbank.org/handle/10986/22612 Skills development
    Lifelong Learning Platform When competences become occupational opportunities - an analysis http://www.eucis-lll.eu/eucis-lll/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/When-competences-become-occupational-opportunities.pdf

    (Published by Bertelsmann Stiftung)
    How informal and non-formal learning can be recognised and used in Europe