External evaluation COMPALL - Evaluation Report on the International Winter School in Würzburg 3-13 February 2016


Five month passed since the International Winter School took place in Würzburg in February 2016. With the finalization of the external evaluation report on the International Winter School, it is time to reflect on the outcome of the event.

The external evaluation conducted by Susanne Lattke from the DIE (German Institute for Adult Edcuation) focused on the participant satisfaction, outreach and impact of the Winter School. The data was collected in a written participant survey and short interviews with selected students. In total 91 participants from 19 different countries attended the International Winter School 2016. Two third of them were Master students, one third PhD students. Of all participants one third came from outside Europe and for half of the participants it was their first time of an international study mobility.

The overall outcome of the evaluation presents a very high satisfaction level of the participants regarding the Winter School. Based on the motivation of the participants to meet and get to know people and cultures from other countries, many highlighted an increased competence for intercultural interaction. Moreover, the raise in competences is stressed out in many regards throughout the evaluation. The students mentioned that they gained and developed competences which are highly relevant for their future careers and increased their interest in international topics related to their studies and future job prospects. All in all it can be said that the International Winter School which involves many students from different countries, study levels and degrees has not only a great impact on the personal but also the academic and professional development of the participants.

By means of recommendations the external evaluation can support to develop the concept of the International Winter School further and maintain the high quality standard of the event.