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    Awarding of the "HDC Research Scholarships"

    The Human Dynamics Centre (HDC) of the Faculty of Human Sciences of the University of Wuerzburg announces two "HDC Research Scholarships" to sponsor research projects for one year within the Faculty of Human Sciences.

    We congratulate the two scholarships holders of this year!

    Miss Elisa Holz (Psychology) is conducting research on the topic: „Der Einfluss einer Gehirn-Computer-Schnittstelle auf die Lebensqualität gelähmter Menschen diagnostiziert mit Amyothrophe Lateralsclerose (ALS)“. ("The Influence of a Brain-Computer Interface on the Quality of Life of Paralysed Humans with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)")

    Miss Lena Pint (Philosophy) is conducting research on the topic: „Identität im Zeitalter des Internets“. ("Identity in the Age of the Internet")

    The scholarships have been awarded ceremoniously at the opening event of the HDC on the 23rd of January 2014.