Publishing in Newsletters

    • Format: short reports (usually in region of 500 words) on interesting and innovative developments in policy and practice. 
    • Main target audiences: practitioners; policy makers; adult learners.
    • Publishers: adult education organisations at regional and national levels; European and international bodies. 
    • Cost: usually free to members of associations.  
    • Distribution: e-versions send by email; PDF available from website; hard copy. 
    • Editorial control and quality assurance: usually responsibility of member of staff of the organisation producing the Newsletter. 
    • Language: For national newsletters, usually in the first official language of the country. For international newsletters, also published in other languages. 

    Examples of newsletters in adult education and lifelong learning

    URL: https://www.aaace.org/page/Newsletter

    URL: https://ec.europa.eu/epale/en/newsletter 

    URL: https://www.esrea.org/news/

    URL: https://eaea.org/our-resources/information-services/

    URL: https://www.dgfe.de/sektionen-kommissionen/sektion-9-erwachsenenbildung.html

    In German language only

    URL: www.news.wifo-gate.org/