Coordination of Education and Training Services

    As coordinator of educational and training services, you will be in charge of designing, planning, developing and assessing of education and training programs. You’ll be handling team work among other professionals working in education and training programs as well as coordinating their work. Jobs may be advertised under different titles such as: program /project manager; Adult Education Manager; education and training manager

    Tasks and Responsibilities

    As a coordinator of educational services you will need to:

    • Perform needs analysis and talent development diagnosis
    • Design educational and training programs based on the organisation and/adult learner needs
    • Plan education and training programs according to needs analyses and aims of programs established
    • Monitor education and training programs development
    • Evaluate education and training programs
    • Assess adults learning
    • Devise individual adult learners education and training plans
    • Produce education and training materials
    • Prepare education and training programs budgets and keep within budget

    Qualifications and Skills

    This area of work is open a wide range of graduates but the following subjects are particularly relevant:

    • Educational sciences
    • Adult education
    • Pedagogy/Andragogy

    Skills you need to have:

    • Creative and critical thinking
    • Ability to adapt to a wide variety of circumstances
    • Teamwork
    • Team management and coordination
    • Project organisation, planning,  and implementation
    • Communication skills
    • Leadership
    • Negotiating skills
    • Learning to learn


    There are opportunities for coordinators  of education and training services in private and public employment sectors. These include:

    • Private firms
    • Central and local government
    • NGO
    • Education and training institutions
    • Health services