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Adult Education Academies

The ERASMUS+ strategic partnership INTALL (2018-2021) further developes the COMPALL (2015-2018) blended learning methodology that is integrated at INTALL-partner universities into regular study programmes related to adult and lifelong learning.

Master and PhD students outside the partner universities are invited to apply for participation as well.The participants are prepared annually from October until January at their home universities using online tutorials. In February, all participants meet for a two-week intensive programme, the Winter School / Adult Education Academy, at Würzburg in Germany.

Watch our COMPALL Winter School video as well as our INTALL Adult Education Academy video for more information! You can find the Videos on the website of the Adult Education Academy as well as below. 

Insights from 2018

Video: Professur für Erwachsenenbildung/Weiterbildung

About the Adult Education Academy

Video: Professur für Erwachsenenbildung/Weiterbildung

Online Adult Education Academy

For the first time since 2014, the Adult Education Academy (formerly known as the Winter School), had to be conducted virtually because of the pandemic situation. The participants were unable to travel to Würzburg for the two-week intensive programme and to engage in face-to-face exchanges about adult education and lifelong learning. To meet the high standards of past years and to offer participants a great experience, an innovative and interactive teaching-learning setting was designed, which was carried out entirely online. For this purpose, the Academy used the ePortfolio WueMahara for the first time in addition to the familiar and previously used Moodle-Platform WueCampus. This gave the organisers, moderators and participants the opportunity to share and collect material and to exchange their knowledge and opinions. As creating a fully digital teaching-learning setting remains a challenge, the teaching-learning setting developed for the 2021 Adult Education Academy can serve as a role model for conducting a digital teaching-learning event. This is why we are were happy to share our experience and materials on our openly accessible Moodle-Platform OpenWueCampus. Please follow the instructions in the document for free registration.