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Instructional Designer

As an instructional designer, you’ll be in charge of the production of learning and assessment materials to be used online. Designers do not have direct contact with learners. They design develop and assess courses and curriculum by creating education and training materials and adult learners’ guides.

Tasks and Responsibilities

As an instructional designer you need to:

  • Create learning activities and course content to be used online
  • Work with subject matters experts and identify adult learners education and training needs
  • State goals and related content
  • Provide exercises and activities that enhance the learning process
  • Create supporting material/media (audio, video, simulations, role plays, games, etc.)
  • Develop learning assessment instruments
  • Create adult learners’ guides and education and training manuals

Qualifications and Skills

This area of work is open a wide range of graduates but the following subjects are particularly relevant:

  • Educational sciences
  • Adult education
  • Pedagogy/Andragogy
  • Instructional design
  • IT and education

As an instructional designer you need to have:

  • Written communication skills
  • IT skills
  • Knowledge of course development software and learning management systems
  • Lean to learn
  • Creativity
  • Visualising skills
  • Ability to storyboard
  • Ability to write instructional texts, audio and video scripts


There are opportunities for instructional designers in education and training services in private and public employment sectors. These include:

  • Private firms
  • Central and local government
  • Education and training institutions
  • IT organisations