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Faculty of Human Sciences

Study Management

The study management team provides an interface between our Faculty and its subjects on the one hand and the JMU central administration, the Service Centre for Innovation in Teaching and Learning (ZiLS) and the Examination Office on the other.

Degree programmes and programme regulations

The Faculty’s eight Institutes offer more than 50 degree programmes.

Click here for the regulations governing your programme.

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Studying modules outside of degree programmes

Your subject can give domestic and international students the opportunity to study modules from programmes with unrestricted admission outside of degree programmes.

Please get in touch if you want to participate with your subject.

More information (JMU)

Exploratory studies

Exploratory studies give undecided students the opportunity to explore the options they have at the Faculty of Human Sciences.

If your subject wants to participate, please get in touch in June/November to let us know which modules (must be from undergraduate programmes with unrestricted admission) you want to offer in the upcoming semester as part of the exploratory studies programme.

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Evaluations form an important part of the quality management process of the Faculty.

Time slot model

JMU uses a time slot model to ensure that courses will not clash.

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More information and advice

You need statistical information about your subject (number of enrolments, graduates etc.)? Or you have questions about amending regulations, launching new degree programmes or using the time slot model? Feel free to get in touch.

Phone: +49 931 31 84804

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