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  • Prof. Hasse mit einer Gruppe Studierender (Foto: Lehrstuhl für Philosophie III)
  • Tablets aus dem MEET-Labor in einer Ladestation (Foto: Lehrstuhl für Schulpädadgogik)
  • Bilder aus dem Kino- und Tonstudiolabor (Fotos: Professur für Medien- und Wirtschaftskommunikation)
  • Das Methodenlabor der Soziologie (Foto: Lehrstuhl für Methoden der Quantitativen Empirischen Sozialforschung)
Faculty of Human Sciences

Excellence in Research Award

It is important to the Faculty of Human Sciences that outstanding researchers receive the recognition they deserve. This is why each year, the Faculty gives out awards to individuals who deliver excellent research. The awards come with a cash prize of €1,000 and are designed to support early career researchers.

Individuals who have spent at least one year conducting research at JMU and who are regular staff members of the Faculty of Human Sciences

Award criteria

  • Outstanding achievements in their doctoral research or research for their Habilitation projects
  • Track record of attracting external funding
  • Track record of high-quality publications and research

Nominees will be selected based on these criteria. The relative weight of each criterion is determined by the nominating Institute (see section ‘How to make a nomination’). Nominations must include the usual supporting documents. The prize money can be split among several awardees.

Each Institute can nominate one researcher. Nominations should include a written statement that describes how the nominee meets the award criteria. Nominations are forwarded to the Office of the Dean by the Managing Director of the nominating Institute. Nominations will be discussed by the Extended Faculty Management (EFL) and award decisions made by the Faculty Board.

Deadline for nominations 

Nominations should be submitted to the Office of the Dean by 30 June of each year.


Dr. Sarah Lange (Pedagogy)

Dr. Simone Schäffner (Special Education)

Dr. Fabian Hutmacher (Human-Computer-Media)

Year Awardees    
2021 Dr. Tamara Ehmann (Pedagogy)    
  Dr. Silvana Weber (Human-Computer-Media)    
2020 Prof. Dr. Carolin Wienrich (Human-Computer-Media)    
  Dr. André Pittig (Psychology)    
2019 Clara Kuhlen, MA (Pedagogy)    
  PD Dr. Robert H. Ziegler (Philosophy)    
2018 Dr. Ina Katharina Uphoff (Pedagogy)    
2017 Dr. Marta Andreatta (Psychology)    
  Dr. Michela Summa (Philosophy)    
2016 Dr. Tobias Grundgeiger (Human-Computer-Media)    
  Dr. Roland Pfister (Psychology)    
Year Awardees