Fakultät für Humanwissenschaften

Virtual Exchange: Global Circle *Freedom of Speech: Meanings and Limits*

Datum: 27.03.2024, 08:31 - 29.03.2024, 08:32 Uhr
Kategorie: Fakultät für Humanwissenschaften, Workshop
Veranstalter: Career Centre
Vortragende:r: Career Centre

Dieser Global Circle findet vom 18. März bis zum 29. März statt. Das Thema, das in dem Kurs erörtert werden soll, ist:

Freedom of Speech: Meanings and Limits

How is freedom of speech perceived in your country? What limits, if any, should there be to free speech? Are those limits evolving? Are there specificities with the digital space? When does speech become intolerable or harmful? What are some ways we can counter hate speech without infringing on liberties? What is the value of speaking online? What is the value of being silent?

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